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Free Leads For MLM – How To Do It

Free Leads For MLM – What’s The Secret?

Free Leads For MLM

There are many ways to generate free leads for mlm.  While many people think they must pay up to $10 for mlm leads, this is simply not true.  There are numerous strategies in generating free mlm leads, but first you must have the right tools in place.  You need a lead capture page, blog, auto-responder and sources of traffic in order to be successful.  In this article we will take a look at the best ways to generate free leads for mlm.


In order to start generating free mlm leads you need a lead capture page and an auto-responder.  A lead capture page is typically a page that offers something of value in exchange for your name and e-mail address.  Once the visitor subscribes to the information they will be placed on an auto-responder mailing list where they will receive a series of follow up messages.  Another great tool to have to begin to generate free leads for mlm is a word press blog.  In our marketing efforts we will be creating a lot of good content and this will give us a place to put all of that content.  It is the central hub for our campaigns.

Generating Traffic To Get Free Leads For MLM

After you have laid the proper foundation, you then have to start getting traffic to your lead capture page or your blog.  There are many ways to generate traffic to your capture page or blog.  You can pay for the traffic or use a multitude of free marketing strategies. Two of the best ways to start getting free leads for mlm are to use social networks and content creation.  These two strategies work hand in hand in generating leads online.


Creating content is by far the best thing you can do to get free leads for mlm.  While there are many types of content the three main ones are articles, videos, and blog posts.  Whatever you create you should post on your word press blog, and also install a web form for people to enter their information to subscribe to your list and become a lead.  This is the basics of this strategy.  After you start creating video’s and articles you will submit them to various video and article directories with links back to your lead capture page and blog.  It will not happen overnight but eventually you will be getting free traffic to your sites and creating free leads for mlm.  After you create content and put it on your blog, the next step is to get more free traffic from the social networks.


While there are many social networks online, the one we want to focus on the most to generate free leads for mlm is Facebook.  Facebook is incredibly powerful with over a billion people and thousands signing up daily.  However, there are many people trying to market on Facebook the completely wrong way.  They simply go around and blast their link everywhere and then hope and pray that someone will click on it and eventually become a lead.  This is a completely ineffective way to use Facebook for marketing.  The best strategy would be to post links to all of your content that you post on your blog, and when they click on the links because you are providing value they will go to your blog and some of them will fill out a form you have there and become a lead.

Getting Free Leads For MLM Is Not That Difficult

In conclusion we can now see that getting free leads for mlm is not impossible, and it is a much better solution than paying upwards of $5-$10 a lead which can break the bank really fast.  All you have to do is set up the proper tools and then start creating content and sharing that content on the social networks, and in no time you too will be able to generate free leads for mlm.


MLM Compensation – Are you confused?


MLM CompensationThere are many forms of MLM Compensation.  It can be very confusing trying to make sense of all the different types of pay plans in the industry.   There are many different terms and phrases used when explaining mlm compensation.  It is very important to understand the different types of pay plans so you can determine which one will suit you best.   In this article I will explain different types of plans and the nuances of each one.

The first type of mlm compensation is a binary plan.  A binary plan consists of two legs which go unlimited levels deep, so everyone you enroll will be on the left or the right side.  A binary plan is one of the strongest types of plans for residual income, but it is not very strong for earning upfront money.  In a typical binary plan you get paid a percentage of the total volume from your smallest leg.  In many companies they also allow you to get paid on your biggest leg at a later point.

Forced Matrix vs Uni Level Matrix MLM Compensation

The second type of mlm compensation is a forced matrix plan.  Forced matrix plans are easier to understand then most compensation plans.  An example of one of these is would be a 4×10 forced matrix plan.  In this plan you would have 4 people on your first level, 16 on your second, 64 on your third, and so on.  All the way down ten levels deep.  Spillover can be a big factor in these types of pay plans.  If you personally sponsor more than 4 people then you will begin to put people on  your second level which is the first level of the first 4 you enrolled.

The third type of mlm compensation is a Uni-level Matrix plan.  In this plan you can have unlimited people on your first level, and a limited amount of levels deep.  Uni-level pay plans can be difficult for beginners because you have so many legs.  In order to get a lot of depth out of a uni-level plan your team will need to duplicate.  If you are more experienced and can teach your team the best ways to duplicate success then this plan can be very powerful.  Most of them pay at least 4 levels deep, but some go several levels deeper.

Another element of mlm compensation are bonuses.  There are all types of bonuses in network marketing.  Some of the most popular bonuses are Fast Start Bonuses, Sponsor Bonuses, Infinity Bonuses.  Most bonuses are a way for people to earn some money in the beginning before the residual income builds up.  These bonuses are paid when you personally enroll someone or any of your sponsored members personally enroll someone.

Is the MLM Compensation Plan the Most Imporant Thing?

While many people get caught up in the different aspects of compensation plans, the truth is it is not the most important aspect of being successful in network marketing.  The biggest factor is someone’s success is their ability to generate leads and market their business.  If you do not learn basic marketing skills, then the mlm compensation plan of your company will not even matter.


Poker Training Network – A Honest Review

Poker Training Network – Is It Legit?


Poker Training Network

Poker Training Network is the first network marketing company that is looking to combine the popularity of poker with a mlm business model.  The company was founded in 2009 by Dennis Nadeau.  They offer different poker training packages.  After seeing the training products firsthand, they are definitely top notch.  While many poker games seem simple, the fact is they can be very psychologically complex, and take years to master.

Poker and more specifically Texas Hold ‘Em poker has become extremely popular over the last ten years.  This is in large part to the television coverage of the major tournaments and the popularity of online play.  While there have recently been some shake ups in the world of online poker, the popularity of poker is still widespread.  Poker Training Network is hoping that the current level of popularity will sustain itself for the long term.  All the trending evidence seems to be indicating that it will.

Poker Training Network Product – Is The Training Really Worth It?

It is very conceivable that someone could easily make their initial investment back in this business just from learning the extensive poker knowledge offered.  Poker can be a very lucrative game if you have the right skills, and Poker Training Network does an excellent job of providing those highly sought after skills.  PTN is the first and only network marketing company to tap into this niche.

Poker Training Network Opportunity – Is it lucrative?

The Poker Training Network opportunity is very affordable at $49.95.  This is a one-time upfront cost, and then a $19.95 monthly obligation.  For the poker enthusiast who wants to take their game to the next level there is a $299 training package available too.  The compensation plan consists of retail, residual, matching bonuses, and leadership pools.  While the opportunity seems to have excellent leadership, they are on par with the rest of the industry when it comes to their marketing system.  They primarily rely on distributors selling to customers and warm market prospects.

All in all PTN is a very solid network marketing opportunity.  They have a very unique product in a popular niche, great leadership, and the ability to make a solid long term income.  You will need to earn lead generation and marketing skills in order to build a profitable business in Poker Training Network.


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