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Top MLM Earners – What’s Their Secret?

What do the top MLM earners do that sets them apart from the 95% of other network marketers who fail?

How do they seemingly build their downlines overnight when the rest of the industry struggles to sponsor more than one or two distributors?  In this article I will expose three closely guarded secrets of the top MLM earners.

The first thing that sets top MLM earners apart is that they have a steady flow of interested leads for their business.  While the average industry rep is chasing their friends and family, the top mlm earners are marketing their business to prospects who are interested in what they have to offer.  They are masters at lead generation and they have a consistent flow of leads coming into their business.  They also connect with their leads on a regular basis and become leaders within the industry.  (See Below)


top mlm earners


Top MLM Earners Don’t Sit On The Sidelines

The second thing that the top leaders do is that they take massive action.  This is probably the biggest thing that sets them apart from the other 95% of the industry.  There are many people that get involved in network marketing, and within a few weeks or months quit taking action to market their business.  The top mlm earners take consistent steps to grow their business, and do not stop until they get the results they want.

The third thing that top mlm earners do especially online is that they practice attraction marketing principals and brand themselves.  While 90% of the industry is online pitching their business opportunities all over the place, the top earners are attracting struggling people to them by providing value to them.  They consistently share tips and tricks with people in the industry which makes struggling network marketers attracted to them.

Do you want to be one of the Top MLM Earners?

In order to be a top producer in mlm just remember these basic principals.  They take consistent action in generating leads and attracting qualified prospects to them which results in massive results.  So next time you see a heavy hitter build a huge downline very quickly, remember that if you follow these principals you too can have the same success.  If you would like to learn the secret strategies that top leaders are using to explode their businesses simply enter your name and email address below and I will send you my FREE 3 day video training on generating massive leads for your business using social media.  This social media domination training is responsible for producing many top mlm earners.

Starting a New Journey…

Thank you for visiting my blog.  This is the first posting on my brand new blog.  I am starting a new journey in Internet&Network Marketing.  I have acquired a wealth of knowledge on these two subjects, and I’m finally putting it all into action.

I think the biggest problem people have in this industry is that they learn all kinds of techniques to succeed, but they never take action or they don’t take consistent action for long periods of time.  In short, people give up too easily.

I created this blog to document my journey to the top in network marketing.  It is my personal goal to post at least 1 article or video everyday on this blog for the next 100 days.  I will be sharing valuable content and marketing strategies to help you in your business right now as I learn them and put them into use.


I hope to inspire everyone who begins to read this blog over the next year to show that it is possible to climb the mountain in this industry with hard work and a consistent effort.  I look forward to sharing all I can.


See You At The Top,

Chris Crawford

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