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Magnetic Sponsoring – An In Depth Review

magnetic sponsoring

What’s All The Fuss About Magnetic Sponsoring?

Magnetic Sponsoring is one of the most famous courses in the network marketing arena.  It was written by Mike Dillard who is sometimes referred to as the Godfather of attraction marketing.  Mike was involved in network marketing and after failing for many years he decided their had to be a better way to build a mlm business.  He learned the concepts of attraction marketing and produced one of the best courses ever written on the subject.

Magnetic Sponsoring was written for the struggling network marketer.  It is really for the person who is tired of bugging friends and family, chasing people around shopping malls, and buying opportunity leads and cold calling them.  There are many stories of people succeeding with these methods but the overwhelming majority fails at them.

Magnetic Sponsoring Explains Attraction Marketing

The first part of the book explains the source of attraction.  One of the most powerful concepts explained in this book is that your business has nothing to do with your company.  This is true for many reasons, but the primary reason is that people join people in network marketing and not businesses.  The company does not matter nearly as much as people tend to believe.  People want to join leaders and teams that they feel can help them get to the next level.

In the middle chapters of the book Mike explains how to find your best prospects, and the secrets behind the psychology of magnetic sponsoring.  In network marketing the best prospects are people that are already involved in the industry.  97% of people in this industry are failing to see any results, but they do believe in the concept of mlm because they are already involved.  It is much easier than convincing aunt sally that this is not a pyramid scheme.

Magnetic Sponsoring shows you how to become an expert and leader

Toward the end of Magnetic Sponsoring Mike discusses how to position yourself as an expert and attract people to working with you.  The key component to this is to provide value to your prospects and help them, and in turn they will be more likely to partner up with you.  He also discusses how to make a profit off of the people who don’t join your primary business.  This is a huge tip for struggling network marketers, because it allows them to have a positive cash flow while they are building their primary company.

This course has completely changed the face of the network marketing arena.  Since it’s inception in 2005 there have been many people implement its techniques and see great success.  It has allowed everyday people to get involved in this industry and see success fairly quickly.  However, to ensure success with these methods you have to be willing to learn new skills and apply yourself with daily consistent action.  That is where most people go wrong in this industry.  They learn powerful techniques, but they don’t do anything with them.  If you want to see success learn and implement the strategies in Magnetic Sponsoring.

magnetic sponsoring


Free Work From Home Business

Free Work From Home Business – Do They Exist?


Free Work From Home Business

There are many people online looking for a free work from home business. This statement is kind of a contradiction in itself, and in this article we will examine why there is no such thing.

There really is no such thing as a free work from home business. What most people are really looking for when they seek this is a job, and not a business. There are many definitions of the word business, but for our purposes let’s take a look at the following one. An economic system in which goods and services are exchanged for one another or money, on the basis of their perceived value. The reason that there is no such thing as a free business is that owning and operating a business takes an investment of either time or money.

A Free Work From Home Business Is A Contradiction

For example, if you sell a product where will you get that product?  Will you buy it from somewhere or will you create it?  Even if you started an affiliate marketing business and sell other people’s products how will you market the business?  In order to be successful, you will either invest time in marketing or you will invest money, and there is no way around it. While there are many types of businesses that require little money to start, they will require much time so in that sense they are not free.

In the work from home arena there seems to be flood of people looking to get something for nothing.  They claim they want to start a business, but they do not want to invest any money or any time and they expect the profits to come rolling in.  I guess it’s a product of all the get rich quick marketing on the internet, but it always amazes me to hear someone describe how bad they want to start a business to get out of their job, have more time freedom, or make more money, but they claim they have no money and no time to invest.  They are looking for the all elusive free work from home business.

In the home based business arena especially in network marketing there are many businesses where you can get started with everything you need for under $1000.  This includes all the tools, services, products, and training that is needed to succeed.  When people say that $1000 is too much money for them to invest, I always ask them what they do for a living.  In many cases they will say something along the lines of accountant, real estate agent, computer repair, mechanic, or other professions that require thousands of dollars to get involved in.  It’s amazing people are willing to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on universities or trade schools in order to secure a job, but they aren’t willing to spend under a thousand dollars to start a business that will give them the things they desire most.

A Free Work From Home Business Does Not Exist

Next time you come across someone seeking a free work from home business, ask that person what they really want.  If they tell you they want to make money without risking any and they want to get paid a certain amount depending on the time they invest, then simply inform them that they are not ready to start a business.  They are looking for a job.  However if they are willing to invest several hundred to a thousand dollars and 10-20 hours per week of their time, then network marketing is the best opportunity to turn your dreams into a reality.

If you realize that there is no such thing as a free work from home business, and you want to learn how to grow a home based business the easy way without chasing friends and family, holding home meetings, and cold calling dead end leads then you must get a free copy of my Home Business Training Guide.

Ignite Scam or Real Opportunity?

Is their really an Ignite Scam?

Ignite Scam

Ignite is a company founded in Dallas, TX that has been around since January 2005.  They are the parent company of Stream Energy, and due to their multi-level marketing structure, many people wonder is there an Ignite Scam?

Ignite Energy is one of the first companies to bring energy consumption to the network marketing arena.  One of the biggest downfalls of Ignite is that it is only available in Texas and Georgia.  This makes it highly unattractive to people looking for a business opportunity because the potential customer base is very limited, however this does not mean that there is an Ignite scam.  The fact is numerous government officials have found network marketing to be a legitimate business model as long as there is a legitimate product given to customers in exchange for money.  This is clearly true which means there is definitely not a scam going on with this opportunity.

Is There An Ignite Scam With The Opportunity?

On one hand the business opportunity is powerful because energy is something that every American household consumes, so in theory it should be easier to sell the product.  Also, customers will continue to use the product even if they do not participate in the business opportunity which has the potential to create a very stable residual income.  However, the payouts seem very small.  You can sign up 10 personal customers within the first 60 days and only receive $100 and $5 a month residual.  While this may be easier than selling health products, it is still a small payout for the amount of customers.  Ignite Energy is still a perfectly legitimate business opportunity.

There Is No Ignite Scam!

All in all these facts lead to the conclusion that there is no Ignite scam.  However, the low payout plan and the limited market of customers make it less attractive than many other mlm companies.   If you have a lot of contacts in your warm market and are ok with only doing business in Texas and Georgia then you have a good shot at making it with Ignite.

If you would like to learn how to generate 20-30 leads per day for your Ignite business or any other business please visit my training site at

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