I was first exposed to network marketing when I was growing up. My dad had always been interested in the idea of a networking business, and unfortunately tried several with no success. It was always the same pattern though, as he never could generate more leads than his warm market. He also gave up way to easily in my opinion. My Mom hated these “scams” and was tired of wasting money on them.

In 2006 when I graduated from college I was flipping properties at the time, and one of my good contractor friends introduced me to a company that sold a membership that allowed you to get deep discounts on furniture, household items, restaurants, and all types of other things. We went to hear the presentation and we were both super excited and thought this would be easy to convince people to sign up for. Boy were we incredibly wrong.

After wasting several thousand dollars in that opportunity we fizzled out in about 2 months with no one left to talk to. The real estate market was starting to go downhill and after taking a huge loss in the summer of 2007 on a project, I decided it was time to do something else. The idea of MLM still intrigued me, but I needed to find out how people succeeded. So I turned to the Internet.

Entering the World of Internet Network Marketing

When I first started to do research about how to succeed in mlm’s I was overwhelmed with all the information on the Internet. I started to buy a couple of cheap courses and read them. I joined a business, but the one thing I never did was take massive consistent action. I would implement some strategies for a while, and when I didn’t make thousands I would give up. I kept thinking I just needed to know more information, or the latest and greatest technique and then I would be successful.

I fell into the trap of thinking that I wasn’t the problem. I joined different mlm’s, direct sales opportunities, health, travel, and everything else. I joined high ticket, low ticket, and always got the same results which were nothing. Then I spent thousands on courses, coaching, and all kinds of information products. I was the easiest conversion ever on a sales page.

Why I Wasn’t Successful

Even though deep down inside I knew the problem was within me, I didn’t want to admit it. We all have to take responsibility for our failures. I had more than enough knowledge to succeed, and people that were willing to help me see that success, but I never took the action necessary to succeed. I started to look deep within myself and I realized that I was not in a good place in my life to experience success. I had a substance abuse problem that was slowly growing worse, and I was focused on all the wrong things in life. In the fall of 2008 I quit the business.

Learning From My Mistakes

Fast forward 2 1/2 years later, and I knew I was finally in a place in my life that I was ready to succeed in this business. After dealing with my personal problems, I know it is time to implement all the knowledge I have of this business. I have been experiencing awesome results from beginning to implement these strategies. I’m generating leads, producing content, and developing the leadership skills that it takes to succeed in this industry, and it is my goal to help as many people who aren’t taking action, take that first step.

To your success,

Chris Crawford