Why Do Network Marketers Hate MLM Prospecting?

mlm prospectingMLM Prospecting is a major struggle for many network marketers.  It is part of the process that causes many network marketers to feel uncomfortable or awkward.  Many mlm distributors are under the impression that they must be excellent sales people in order to prospect.  This is not true.  The best trait you can have to be good at mlm prospecting is to be an excellent listener.

There are many ways to prospect potential network marketers.  You can use old school methods such as contacting friends, family and warm market.  Some may opt to buy opportunity leads and cold call them up.  These methods do work for a few, but overall they do not work for the masses.  This is one of the main reasons why so many people struggle in this industry.

MLM Prospecting Is Easy When You Have A Steady Lead Flow

Another option for mlm prospecting is to leverage the internet to generate leads.  There are many ways to generate mlm leads online, and will allow you to have a steady flow of new people to talk to about your business.  Once you start getting leads coming in the next step is to build a relationship with them before you introduce your primary company.  This is a different approach to prospecting than most network marketers on the internet.  Most people are simply blasting their links all over the place and hoping someone will join.  The biggest key in successful prospecting is to build a relationship with your prospect.

Relationship building is key when mlm prospecting.  You want to get to know the person you are communicating with, and understand what they need.  The best way to do this is to shut up and listen to your prospect.  Find out what they are having trouble with, and provide a solution to them.  If they are struggling to generate leads, then learn how to do that and provide them with solutions to their problems.  They will soon view you as an expert and prospecting will become easy.

Posture Is Key When It Comes To MLM Prospecting

Another major key to mlm prospecting is your posture.  If you want to be successful in your prospecting efforts you cannot come across as desperate.  You want to be a leader, and leaders don’t pin their hopes and dreams to one prospect or another.  Leaders generate so many leads that they don’t care if one particular person doesn’t join because they have dozens more to talk to.  Posture is key when it comes to success prospecting.  Make sure your prospect is someone you actually want to work with, and do not settle for the wrong types of people.

MLM prospecting does not have to be difficult if you just implement these principals.  Remember to have an abundant mentality and become the leader your prospects want to join.  Learn the skills that are in high demand and offer value to your prospects, and in short time they will be beating down the door ready to join you.  If you want to learn the latest strategies for attracting your prospects to you then pick up my Network Marketing Attraction Marketing Success Guide and you will soon be an expert at MLM Prospecting.