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How To Increase Blog Traffic – 5 Easy Steps

how to increase blog traffic

Everyone Wants To Know How To Increase Blog Traffic

These days it seems like everyone wants to know how to increase blog traffic.  There are many ways strategies on how to increase blog traffic.  In this post I’m going to cover some of the easiest and best ways to increase the amount visitors to your blog.

The first way on how to increase blog traffic is to be consistent.  There are too many bloggers out there who are not consistent in their effort, and will blog regularly for 3-4 days, and then you won’t hear from them for weeks.  This is not good.  You want to give your readers a reason to subscribe to your feed and keep coming back on a regular basis.  This is hard to accomplish if you are not consistent in your blogging efforts.

The second technique for how to increase blog traffic is to do strong keyword research.  Lots of people love to blog, but they don’t take the time to target keyword phrases.  Many of them do target keyword phrases, but the problem is no one is searching for the keyword phrase they are targeting.  Use free tools such as the Google keyword tool to analyze if people are actively searching on what you’re writing about.  For example, this article is written around the phrase how to increase blog traffic if you couldn’t already tell.

SEO Tips On How To Increase Blog Traffic

The third way I know on how to increase blog traffic is to have strong SEO Optimization.  There are two parts to SEO Optimization.  There is On Page SEO Optimization and Off Page SEO Optimization.  On page consists of making sure you use your keyword 1-3% of the article, and off page optimization mainly consist of building backlinks.  This is very important in getting high search engine rankings and high rankings in Google and other search engines will equal a lot more traffic.  This traffic is also free which is great.

The fourth way how to increase blog traffic is to leverage the power of the social networks.  The first thing you want to do is take your blog post and share it in 50 Facebook groups that are related to your niche.  You should do this for every post you make.  Second is sharing your blog content on twitter.  You want to build up a following of hundreds or thousands of users as quickly as possible and then share all of your posts.  An easy way to do this is to link your RSS feed up with Facebook and twitter.

The fifth and final way on how to increase blog traffic is to join a tribe.  If you aren’t familiar with this concept this is where a group of like-minded people will share your content all over the social networks, and in exchange you do the same for them.  This is really powerful because you can get thousands of shares of your content for free, and it can easily go viral.  If you would like to join a tribe for free then check out TribePro.  It is by far the best.

Do you want more tips on how to increase blog traffic?

All of these techniques are simple to do, and the best part is that they are all free.  If you implement these techniques consistently for 30-60 days, I promise you will see a major increase in your blog traffic. If you like this post please click the like button to the right.  If you would like to learn even more techniques for building up your blog, including how to get on page 1 of Google, and turning that traffic into cash then subscribe to my newsletter below where I will give you more tips and tricks on how to increase blog traffic.

Funded Proposal – Why You Need One

funded proposal

Funded Proposal – Why You Need One

A Funded Proposal is a crucial part of an internet network marketers’ success.  This is the key to ensuring that you actually turn a profit with your network marketing business.  Many people in network marketing rely only on the income from their network marketing company.  This can take time to build up to a substantial amount and in the meantime there are expenses such as marketing, autoship, and tools for your business.

What Type Of Funded Proposal Should You Use?

A funded proposal is simply a way to profit from everyone that says no to your business.  In Network Marketing regardless of how good of a recruiter you are, there will always be more people that say no to your opportunity then yes.  However, if you are going to spend money or time on lead generation efforts, then it would be foolish to let these leads go to waste.  The best way to maximize your profit is to use a funded proposal system.

There are many types of funded proposal systems.  It can be anything but the most common type is a informational product that is not very expensive.  One of the most common funded proposals is Magnetic Sponsoring.  When generating leads you can introduce them to this product.  It has a strong conversion rate and regardless of whether or not your leads want to join your primary business many that say no will need the information in this course or many other courses.  These products are generic to the network marketing industry.  When your prospects purchase one of these products you get a commission and many times they will have the opportunity to purchase more expensive products in which you can make a much larger commission.

What a funded proposal does is give you leverage in your business.  In a sense you actually get paid to prospect people for your primary company.  This is extremely powerful because it will allow a new networker to get into profit mode very quickly.  The two most common problems are lack of leads and lack of money.  Once you learn to generate leads consistently, introducing them into an introductory product is a great way to stay afloat until your residual checks start to build up.

If You’re Not Already Start Using A Funded Proposal Today

In conclusion we can see that a funded proposal is an essential tool for getting into profit mode quickly.  There are many products and systems available to use as a funded proposal.  The one I recommend the most is MLSP.  This is a great system which incorporates many different affiliate products in order for a new person to make substantial money in their first 30 days.  If you’re looking for something less expensive then Magnetic Sponsoring is a great place to start.

If you’re tired of struggling in network marketing and you want a step by step plan to learn how to generate leads online and attract people into your business then please pick up a copy of my Attraction Marketing Blueprint today. I will also explain more details about how you can get an awesome funded proposal.

Top MLM Earners – What’s Their Secret?

What do the top MLM earners do that sets them apart from the 95% of other network marketers who fail?

How do they seemingly build their downlines overnight when the rest of the industry struggles to sponsor more than one or two distributors?  In this article I will expose three closely guarded secrets of the top MLM earners.

The first thing that sets top MLM earners apart is that they have a steady flow of interested leads for their business.  While the average industry rep is chasing their friends and family, the top mlm earners are marketing their business to prospects who are interested in what they have to offer.  They are masters at lead generation and they have a consistent flow of leads coming into their business.  They also connect with their leads on a regular basis and become leaders within the industry.  (See Below)


top mlm earners


Top MLM Earners Don’t Sit On The Sidelines

The second thing that the top leaders do is that they take massive action.  This is probably the biggest thing that sets them apart from the other 95% of the industry.  There are many people that get involved in network marketing, and within a few weeks or months quit taking action to market their business.  The top mlm earners take consistent steps to grow their business, and do not stop until they get the results they want.

The third thing that top mlm earners do especially online is that they practice attraction marketing principals and brand themselves.  While 90% of the industry is online pitching their business opportunities all over the place, the top earners are attracting struggling people to them by providing value to them.  They consistently share tips and tricks with people in the industry which makes struggling network marketers attracted to them.

Do you want to be one of the Top MLM Earners?

In order to be a top producer in mlm just remember these basic principals.  They take consistent action in generating leads and attracting qualified prospects to them which results in massive results.  So next time you see a heavy hitter build a huge downline very quickly, remember that if you follow these principals you too can have the same success.  If you would like to learn the secret strategies that top leaders are using to explode their businesses simply enter your name and email address below and I will send you my FREE 3 day video training on generating massive leads for your business using social media.  This social media domination training is responsible for producing many top mlm earners.