Free Work From Home Business – Do They Exist?


Free Work From Home Business

There are many people online looking for a free work from home business. This statement is kind of a contradiction in itself, and in this article we will examine why there is no such thing.

There really is no such thing as a free work from home business. What most people are really looking for when they seek this is a job, and not a business. There are many definitions of the word business, but for our purposes let’s take a look at the following one. An economic system in which goods and services are exchanged for one another or money, on the basis of their perceived value. The reason that there is no such thing as a free business is that owning and operating a business takes an investment of either time or money.

A Free Work From Home Business Is A Contradiction

For example, if you sell a product where will you get that product?  Will you buy it from somewhere or will you create it?  Even if you started an affiliate marketing business and sell other people’s products how will you market the business?  In order to be successful, you will either invest time in marketing or you will invest money, and there is no way around it. While there are many types of businesses that require little money to start, they will require much time so in that sense they are not free.

In the work from home arena there seems to be flood of people looking to get something for nothing.  They claim they want to start a business, but they do not want to invest any money or any time and they expect the profits to come rolling in.  I guess it’s a product of all the get rich quick marketing on the internet, but it always amazes me to hear someone describe how bad they want to start a business to get out of their job, have more time freedom, or make more money, but they claim they have no money and no time to invest.  They are looking for the all elusive free work from home business.

In the home based business arena especially in network marketing there are many businesses where you can get started with everything you need for under $1000.  This includes all the tools, services, products, and training that is needed to succeed.  When people say that $1000 is too much money for them to invest, I always ask them what they do for a living.  In many cases they will say something along the lines of accountant, real estate agent, computer repair, mechanic, or other professions that require thousands of dollars to get involved in.  It’s amazing people are willing to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on universities or trade schools in order to secure a job, but they aren’t willing to spend under a thousand dollars to start a business that will give them the things they desire most.

A Free Work From Home Business Does Not Exist

Next time you come across someone seeking a free work from home business, ask that person what they really want.  If they tell you they want to make money without risking any and they want to get paid a certain amount depending on the time they invest, then simply inform them that they are not ready to start a business.  They are looking for a job.  However if they are willing to invest several hundred to a thousand dollars and 10-20 hours per week of their time, then network marketing is the best opportunity to turn your dreams into a reality.

If you realize that there is no such thing as a free work from home business, and you want to learn how to grow a home based business the easy way without chasing friends and family, holding home meetings, and cold calling dead end leads then you must get a free copy of my Home Business Training Guide.

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