Is their really an Ignite Scam?

Ignite Scam

Ignite is a company founded in Dallas, TX that has been around since January 2005.  They are the parent company of Stream Energy, and due to their multi-level marketing structure, many people wonder is there an Ignite Scam?

Ignite Energy is one of the first companies to bring energy consumption to the network marketing arena.  One of the biggest downfalls of Ignite is that it is only available in Texas and Georgia.  This makes it highly unattractive to people looking for a business opportunity because the potential customer base is very limited, however this does not mean that there is an Ignite scam.  The fact is numerous government officials have found network marketing to be a legitimate business model as long as there is a legitimate product given to customers in exchange for money.  This is clearly true which means there is definitely not a scam going on with this opportunity.

Is There An Ignite Scam With The Opportunity?

On one hand the business opportunity is powerful because energy is something that every American household consumes, so in theory it should be easier to sell the product.  Also, customers will continue to use the product even if they do not participate in the business opportunity which has the potential to create a very stable residual income.  However, the payouts seem very small.  You can sign up 10 personal customers within the first 60 days and only receive $100 and $5 a month residual.  While this may be easier than selling health products, it is still a small payout for the amount of customers.  Ignite Energy is still a perfectly legitimate business opportunity.

There Is No Ignite Scam!

All in all these facts lead to the conclusion that there is no Ignite scam.  However, the low payout plan and the limited market of customers make it less attractive than many other mlm companies.   If you have a lot of contacts in your warm market and are ok with only doing business in Texas and Georgia then you have a good shot at making it with Ignite.

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