Poker Training Network – Is It Legit?


Poker Training Network

Poker Training Network is the first network marketing company that is looking to combine the popularity of poker with a mlm business model.  The company was founded in 2009 by Dennis Nadeau.  They offer different poker training packages.  After seeing the training products firsthand, they are definitely top notch.  While many poker games seem simple, the fact is they can be very psychologically complex, and take years to master.

Poker and more specifically Texas Hold ‘Em poker has become extremely popular over the last ten years.  This is in large part to the television coverage of the major tournaments and the popularity of online play.  While there have recently been some shake ups in the world of online poker, the popularity of poker is still widespread.  Poker Training Network is hoping that the current level of popularity will sustain itself for the long term.  All the trending evidence seems to be indicating that it will.

Poker Training Network Product – Is The Training Really Worth It?

It is very conceivable that someone could easily make their initial investment back in this business just from learning the extensive poker knowledge offered.  Poker can be a very lucrative game if you have the right skills, and Poker Training Network does an excellent job of providing those highly sought after skills.  PTN is the first and only network marketing company to tap into this niche.

Poker Training Network Opportunity – Is it lucrative?

The Poker Training Network opportunity is very affordable at $49.95.  This is a one-time upfront cost, and then a $19.95 monthly obligation.  For the poker enthusiast who wants to take their game to the next level there is a $299 training package available too.  The compensation plan consists of retail, residual, matching bonuses, and leadership pools.  While the opportunity seems to have excellent leadership, they are on par with the rest of the industry when it comes to their marketing system.  They primarily rely on distributors selling to customers and warm market prospects.

All in all PTN is a very solid network marketing opportunity.  They have a very unique product in a popular niche, great leadership, and the ability to make a solid long term income.  You will need to earn lead generation and marketing skills in order to build a profitable business in Poker Training Network.


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