RBC Life – A Close Look At This Business Opportunity

rbc life

RBC Life is a health and wellness mlm company that was founded in 1991.  It is located in Dallas, TX.  It was formally known as Royal Body Care and Life Sciences, but they changed the name to the shorter RBC Life for their mlm opportunity.  The company was founded by Clinton Howard, and operates out of a 119,000 square foot facility.  They are a publicly traded company, but their value currently ranges between $0.25 and $0.50.

RBC Life currently offers products in five categories which include Healthy Living, Energy and Fitness, Anti-Aging, Specific Needs, and Packs.  The newest product available in their product line is NeuroBright.  It is based off of the broad-spectrum antioxidant Microhydrin, and combined with eight other antioxidants for a mixture that they call Microhydrin Plus.  The effectiveness of this product has been debated by different scientists, but the evidence seems to point to the face that the ingredients are beneficial, and they help prevent mental illness such as Alzheimer’s.

Can You Make Money With RBC Life?

There are many ways to make money with the RBC compensation plan.  The opportunity is fully available at the business builder package which is $485.  This is includes $450 in personal volume worth of product.  The upfront elements of compensation are a direct bonus of $75 for signing up new distributors and a power bonus of up to $25 which goes 8 levels deep.  As far as the residual income it is a binary compensation system with some extra bonuses and a bonus pool added in.

All in all the RBC opportunity looks like a completely legitimate network marketing company.  While there are many mlm health and wellness companies, that industry is estimated at nearly a trillion dollars.  The biggest challenge new distributors in RBC will face is marketing.  While the company provides numerous tools such as marketing materials and corporate web sites with presentations, there doesn’t seem to be much training in how to leverage the internet to grow your business.

Can I Succeed With RBC Life?

While there are many ways to successfully grow any network marketing company, many methods such as calling friends and family, cold calling opportunity leads, or having home meetings are much more difficult that leveraging the power of the internet and attracting new distributors without rejection.  With the proper training and systems in place you will be able to make a lot of long term residual income and grow a major organization with RBC Life.

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