Thank you for visiting my blog.  This is the first posting on my brand new blog.  I am starting a new journey in Internet&Network Marketing.  I have acquired a wealth of knowledge on these two subjects, and I’m finally putting it all into action.

I think the biggest problem people have in this industry is that they learn all kinds of techniques to succeed, but they never take action or they don’t take consistent action for long periods of time.  In short, people give up too easily.

I created this blog to document my journey to the top in network marketing.  It is my personal goal to post at least 1 article or video everyday on this blog for the next 100 days.  I will be sharing valuable content and marketing strategies to help you in your business right now as I learn them and put them into use.


I hope to inspire everyone who begins to read this blog over the next year to show that it is possible to climb the mountain in this industry with hard work and a consistent effort.  I look forward to sharing all I can.


See You At The Top,

Chris Crawford

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